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Class Descriptions

Mysore Description:

Mysore is an individualized practice in a group setting. This class format is over the span of 2 hours. Allowing students to arrive anytime during this time frame that best suites their schedule. Mysore allows for each student to move at their own pace and to receive adjustments from the teacher. Each student moves independently, according to the timing of their own breath, through the sequence of postures as they have learned them from their teacher. The teacher moves through the room, giving assistance, instruction, and guidance as needed one-on-one basis

Ashtanga Led Class Description:

This class is the full Ashtanga experience. In this class you will be guided through the primary series of Ashtanga yoga.The led ashtanga class is a dynamic class that moves fluidly between postures (asanas) linking the breath with movement. The primary series is the first series students learn. It is the foundation ground to build a solid and strong yoga practice. The Primary Series is called Yoga Chikitsa. This Sanskrit term translates as “yoga therapy”. It’s called so because the asanas of this series have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind.

Wind Down with Words - Monthly offering

This is a special monthly offering where we come together to unwind, destress and be with the community. This class was born out of blending my own practices that have helped to balance my dynamic Ashtanga practice. Yin is a wonderful counterpart as well as Vipassana meditation with reflection, writing & poetry. In this class we will begin with a yin sequence to slow down, relax and turn inward. After a short sequence we will move into meditation and culminate with a journaling/writing session. At the end of our time together the group is provided space to enjoy tea and share their experience or poetry/stories (but not required). Closing our out time with the community. 

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