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Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Led Primary:

This class is for all levels of Ashtanga practitioners, except for those who are brand new to this style of yoga. The instructor’s intention is to flow through the entire primary series in the traditional count. For those who are less experienced, there are two options: observe the unfamiliar asanas and/or modify the postures. Over time and with consistent practice, the student will be more comfortable and able to do the entire primary series in an uninterrupted, rhythmic, and meditative flow. 


Mysore is a one on one student and teacher experience; allowing students to receive individual instruction while learning the Ashtanga Yoga practice. All levels are welcome! It is a perfect format for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the practice. In the beginning, new students will slowly build a practice using the Ashtanga Yoga sequence but individualized to the students capability. As you become more familiar with the practice, you are allowed more independence, getting adjustments and assistance only when needed.

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