Yoga is a lifestyle. It is a method to create health and well-being from the inside out. Using yoga as a way to heal yourself and to bring balance into your life. 

I found my way to yoga in 2006. I began like many do…in a gym. Yoga had ignited my fire for healing, personal growth and transformation. I initially started with a practice and teaching style rooted in Vinyasa.


The yoga practice helped me deal with trauma and start my healing journey, but that was just the beginning. I went on to complete my first Yoga training in 2009 and have continued to do trainings and workshops annually to keep studying and learning. Yoga is a lifestyle for myself and to grow I must always be willing to learn more!


Currently my main focus and practice is Ashtanga Yoga. I have maintained a dedicated Ashtanga practice since February 2016 and I am grateful to Taylor Hunt; for encouraging me and supporting my practice.  


I continue to study & practice with Taylor and I am grateful for his guidance as I work through both my practice and my program of recovery.

   My hope is to share yoga with those who are looking for healing & transformation on and off the mat; specifically recovery from addictions. The Ashtanga yoga method has been paramount in my own recovery process.

​Training's & workshops:​

  • 2009- Vinyasa Flow Certification through the Asheville Yoga Center

  • 2010- Completed 200Hr/ 9 month teacher training through the Asheville Yoga Center

  • 2014- 5 Day In depth study of the Ashtanga Primary series with David Garrigues.

  • 2016 through 2018- Ashtanga Yoga Apprenticeship at Balance Yoga Atlanta

  • 2017- Ashtanga & Addiction Forum with Taylor Hunt through the Trini Foundation

  • 2018- Ashtanga Primary Series Intensive with Taylor Hunt at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus

  • 2020- Mentorship Program with Taylor Hunt


Thank you to all teachers past, present and future.

When I am not on a yoga mat or behind a desk you can find me hiking with my husband or snuggling with my pups. We have a quiet life south of Atlanta on 6 acres and I am very very grateful.


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